You, Your Community & The Winter – Be Winter Ready Campaign 2018/19

It is time for neighbours, communities and services in the South County Dublin Council area to put in place measures to ensure that we are ready to meet the challenges of extreme weather during the winter ahead,

Minister Zappone’s call to action coincides with the launch of the 2018-2019 ‘Winter Ready’ campaign by the Government.

The Minister says by preparing now we can protect our local communities from the worse impact of the bad weather.

“Government services, South Dublin County Council, communities and neighbours all have a role to play in ensuring it is a safe winter for everyone “

New Awareness  2018 Campaign

The new awareness campaign outlines practical steps which can be taken.
 It advises people of the need to save phone numbers of older relatives and neighbours so they can be contacted in severe weather, to ensure everyone has enough food stored in the event of storms or blizzards and to have a list of numbers for emergency services.

Everyone should also heed and act on warnings from Met Eireann, Dublin Fire Brigade and the County Council.

Through preparation and by knowing our neighbours we can help avoid tragedy.
 The 2018/19 campaign outlines practical steps. It is being made available through

However as many people do not access the internet on a daily basis or are unable to do so during a power-cut it is vital that public offices, garda stations and schools in our communities are also used to get the advice out.

We are lucky in Terenure, Temepleogue, Tallaght and Citywest that we have some of the strongest community networks in the Country. In the coming weeks those networks will be an important lifeline for those who live alone or may be stranded as the weather deteriorates.”