Registration Open at Childcare Centres #ItStartsNow

Registration Open at Childcare Centres #ItStartsNow

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Registrations open at childcare centres from today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do the new subsidies start?

Registrations for the new childcare subsidies start from August 21st.

Where do I apply? Is there an application form?

There is no application form for the new scheme. Some providers do have their own application form but this is solely for their own use.

Do parents have to provide any eligibility documentation for the universal subsidy?

No. The universal subsidy is non-means tested and therefore available to all children of the relevant age (i.e. from six months of age up until the time that the child qualifies for entry to the ECCE Programme) in registered childcare. Parents must supply only the name, PPSNs and data of birth of the parent and child.

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