Minister Zappone announces €1.2m capital grants

By August 21, 2017 No Comments

€1.2m funding of the School Age Childcare Capital Scheme to improve existing school age childcare services

This follows the recent announcement of funding of €2.7m under Strands A and B for new and existing services to increase the number of childcare places that they provide.

I am determined to support childcare providers in their mission to deliver quality childcare to all our children.  I am also determined to listen to children in terms of what they want. This funding of €1.2m is specifically targeted at improving the quality of existing school age childcare services, which was one of the key actions of the Action Plan on School Age Childcare, published in March of this year. This will be done through the provision of age appropriate play equipment to stimulate children mentally and physically.  With 263 individual projects set to be funded,  children right across the country will reap the benefits.

Commitment to provide quality and affordable childcare

We know from consultations with children that many of them would prefer to go home when their school day is finished rather than to various forms of childcare.  This funding should help to ensure that when going home is not possible, children attend school age childcare services that simulate many of the characteristics of a healthy home environment, including the comforts and activities children enjoy there. Listening to the voice of the
child is important and this funding is our response to the issues they raised

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