Application Forms for Winter Fuel Allowance Deadline 15th September

Application Forms for Winter Fuel Allowance Deadline 15th September

Lump sum payments will help prevent fuel poverty

Stocking up on coal or heating oil can be a hugely expensive time for any household – requiring a lot of saving. By allowing the option of two lump payments over the winter months the saving burden is not only being reduced but it is allowing the bulk buying of coal – which sometimes represent a saving of €3 a bag. This will allow the allowances to be stretched further.

A decision to allow local people to receive fuel allowances in two lump sums over the winter months will help keep them warm, comfortable and in good health in their own homes .The decision has been taken in response to calls by campaigners such as Age Action and will help ensure that older people in Tallaght and surrounding communities can access money to pay for fuel deliveries.
Application forms must be returned by 15th September to avail of lump sum payments.  Full details on 

It is also important to note that the new payment method is an option. Those who receive the allowance can also continue to receive payments of €22.50 per week which amounts to €585 per fuel allowance season.  The Fuel Allowance is a means assessed payment to assist householders receiving long-term social welfare payments unable to provide for their own heating needs.

In the coming winter €229m will be invested in the scheme with an estimated 376,000 homes benefitting. For many it is a lifeline, in particular during bad weather in outlying areas of Dublin South West.

Information will be made available in the next few weeks on