Disability Services

Zappone hosts public meeting on Community Disability Services in Dublin South West.

A public meeting was held by Dr. Katherine Zappone on Wednesday 26th April in Tallaght Stadium to address current delays in community disability services within the Dublin South West constituency.

Parents and carers where invited to attend, along with senior management of the local HSE Disability Services team.

Being part of the community for over 30 years, a lifelong advocate for equality and local representative, Minister Zappone told the meeting she recognised the need to provide parents with a platform to voice their concerns about delays in community disability services in Dublin South West.

“The evidence is overwhelming that discrimination against children with disabilities is rampant in all societal settings and that children are consistently excluded from opportunities with economic, social, cultural and inter-personal consequence. That can’t and won’t continue”

Minister Zappone addressed the attendees and presented the on-going work within her own department regarding access and inclusion for children with disabilities to the universal free pre-school programme and the progress to date achieved within the area of disability services in working with HSE Management and the Ministers directly responsible for this area, along with key action points for the future.

In attendance and presenting from the HSE was Ms Carol Cuffe, Head of Social Care, and Ms Bernadatte Nyhan, lead for Progressing Disabilities.  Minister Zappone thanked the HSE Disability Services team for their participation in the public meeting. The Head of Social Care, Carol Cuffe, presented an outline of the Assessment of Need process and HSE plan to address current delays in waiting lists. Ms Bernadette Nyhan presented on Progressing Disability Services for Children & Young People 0-18 in Dublin South West.

Following the presentations a questions and answers forum was opened to the floor to enable parents to address the panel and voice their concerns. Further, in addition to this platform, private individual discussions were facilitated by all four members of HSE Disability Services team in attendance.

The meeting was scheduled to close at 6.30 pm but was extended until after 8pm due to the volume of parents attending requesting individual advice, every person was attended to.

Members of Minister Zappones team were available for parent’s queries that fell outside the public meeting topic of community disability services and to schedule follow up constituency clinic appointments.