Autism Review

Autism Review

Review of operational effectiveness of existing health services responses in addressing the particular needs of those with autism spectrum disorder

Dear parents,

For many of you as parents of children with ASD it has been a difficult uphill struggle, constantly fighting for early intervention and services for your children. When I joined you on this journey during my election campaign in Dublin South West, it was clear that it would be a long and complex path, and solutions would not come forth easily but step by step progress has and is being made. The appointment of the Assessment Officer and Liaison Officer in Chamber House were the first steps and I continue to engage regularly with HSE officials regarding service delivery. Following on from the immense pressure that parents have put on the HSE, I am happy to tell you that there will now be a complete review of Autism Services and you can make submissions – officially register your family’s experience with HSE services. I would urge you to make submissions, have your voice heard and ensure your experience helps to shape the way forward for a better service provision for all children with ASD.

The link below will take you to the HSE page where you can follow instructions to submit your experience.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact my office in Tallaght Village.


Warm regards,