Age & Opportunity. Life is for living

Age & Opportunity. Life is for living

Age & Opportunity is the national organisation that inspires everyone to reach their full potential as they age

Age & Opportunity wants to inspire you and the people around you to reach your full potential as you age, no matter what age you are now. The novelist George Eliot said that “It is never too late to become what you might have been” and we encourage you to use this time you have to have dreams, to plan adventures and to join in with what is happening or, even better, to make something happen and let others join in with you.

At Age & Opportunity, we focus on three different strands that interest people:

  • Physical Activity & Sport
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education & Engagement

We run programmes and events in each of these areas, often in partnership with organisations already in your area, such as Local Sports Partnerships, public libraries, arts centres, your local VEC or with Partnership Companies. You have probably heard about our biggest programmes, the Bealtaine arts festival and Go for Life, Ireland’s national sport programme for older people. We also have lots of other programmes and activities that we run or support. One of them might be just what you’re looking for.


Our goal is to turn the period from age 50 onwards into one of the most satisfying times in people’s lives, by facilitating:

  • opportunities to engage in arts and cultural activities
  • opportunities for sport and physical activity
  • opportunities to learn and be involved as active citizens

We work with public and private partners to deliver established innovative programmes like the Bealtaine arts festival, and Go for Life – the national sports programme for older people. We are also developing a series of exciting positive ageing programmes.

Our major partners include the HSE, Sport Ireland and the Arts Council.

People are now living for longer. Age & Opportunity works to provide opportunities to encourage people to live their longer lives to the full. We are continually finding new ways to engage, to motivate and to support people in this adventure. Join in.

Age & Opportunity. Life is for living.

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